Video Games as IF


Most of you are familiar with the IF Arcade compilation – classic video games reimagined by IF. In my perambulations about the internet, I've come across a handful of more recent video games envisioned as IF, by non-authors.

I imagine they were mostly created for their incongruous humor and a bit of nostalgia, by one-time fans of the medium who haven't played much IF since the '80s.

Guitar Hero
This was originally just a "screen capture" posted by user ianwarren on the b3ta boards, but was subsequently made into an actual IF game by Bill Meltsner.

As seen on Randall Munroe's nerdy webcomic,

A spot-on VHS-quality '80s "commercial" for Valve's Portal, complete with commercial buffers. It's unclear whether the creator was aware of Activision's 1986 interactive novel by the same name.

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